We give the opportunity to become a Star!
The Collective Online Producing
Supporting of your talent in exchange for sharing the fruits of your creativity!
Our Services
We democratize the production market by means of involvement of a great number of interested people
For Beginners
ImeStar platform gives an opportunity to novice-authors to find his/her producer among wide range of consumers and followers.
Besides the promotion of your works, the main focus of attention is you, the growth of your mastery and talent. You will receive feedback from people immediately interested in your public recognition.
We do not have moderation or preliminary selection of your works. We think that belongs to the competence of your followers.
The growth of your competence will be based on the learning provided by Mentors and Teachers.
You share the right on your works by transferring it to the mutual management of investors.
To potential producer
A nice opportunity for those who for a long time wanted to join successful debut story of your idols. The interested users and connoisseurs of young talents can directly support their favorites. We provide you with the technical opportunities for fund raising and specialized fund management aimed at financing of education, promotion, and general producing of authors without direct money transfer. That is why the main investment is not only particular author's project but the growth of author's mastery and an increase of the capitalization.
To Mentors (Masters or Teachers)
Those who for a long time think of sharing his/her experience, skills, and knowledge have a unique opportunity to do it on the ImeStar platform. You will use our service as additional sale channel of your business advertising it with the help of your topic lessons. Apart from the thought that your experience wouldn't be lost and obvious results of successful examples of your mentees, you will receive income from online subscription and direct selling.
To Buyers
(To a great number of consumers, including big companies)
Are you a loving father who wants to recruit a clown with the whole singing group especially for your daughter's birthday?
Are you a representative of reputable recording company looking for new directions in album release?
Are you an assistant in a film company and looking for interesting film script for screening?!
All of you are just in the right place!
ImeStar service provides you with a unique opportunity to find what you need. All needed search filters and, what is the most important, the testing of consumers' demand will become these required tools in the not easy task.
Why choose us?
We are glad to offer the best of what we have
Uniqueness and exclusiveness
We are the first who offer the service of collective online producing.

ImeStar is an exclusive combination of crowdfunding support elements, producing, and online education. New combination and synergy of mentioned elements give unsurpassed results.
Individual approach
Although our work is based on the unified action algorithms, we are a small and flexible company that is always side by side with its consumers, and it gives us an opportunity to respond quickly to new challenges that appear in the market.
The future is ours
The business scheme "Consumer-to-Consumer" that we use is a signal of post-industrial epoch advent. It (the scheme) proved its feasibility and efficiency; for example, as it worked with Uber or Airbnb.

Be together with us, be in vogue!
What will you get?
  • Thorough understanding and feedback
    Own and precise comprehension and correlation of creative plans, existing needs, and demand of your followers. Moreover, our aim is to attract and encourage them. We will help you.
  • Productivity increase
    We help to increase your productivity. It pertains to creative spheres and business as well. Problem solution related to the search of additional communication channels allows holding your focus on the main business. The team of producers united by one objective will help you. The mentors would have the possibility to verify their strategic vision thanks to the younger generation.
  • Time and money saving
    Creative or business hypothesis can be easily checked due to society respond.
    And this testing will not be erroneous because the participants are those who immediately made the payment. Those people understand that simple courtesy can cause the loss of money and time.
  • Creativity space
    Personal online cabinets with choice of needed specialized functions and ability to communicate with all interested users, and, the most important, feedback and creativity atmosphere of the entire ImeStar community.
About Us
We are the young team of developers who strives for giving chances to all interested novice-authors to go through the thorny path to recognition. No talents should be lost. Everyone who hears the call should support.

ImeStar platform was just opened - in spring, 2017. The path of mistakes and development was long and finished with testing in February 2017.

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Meet our leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
  • Lidiia Prokip
    Customers Support
    Lidiia is a guide and magic wand for our users. She is interesting interlocutor and spends hours to make our clients feel care and enjoy communication with the company. Lidiia will answer the questions you have. Moreover, if you have any suggestions or ideas you are welcome to write her.
  • Vadim Makhomed
    Director of the outsourcing company of developers
    Attention to small details and a deep longing for the accomplishment of great ideas is typical of Vadim. He takes care of everything you can see. He uses his knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful. His team deals with the challenges but not adjust them to the limits of existing solutions.
  • George Dekhtyaruk
    Founder & CEO
    George has invented our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He has created the team of core members and helped them to reveal their unique talents.
Correspondence address:
ImeStar, Inc.
1611 E 2nd Street
Casper, WY 82601