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You looking for support and financing of your talent development
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The ADVANTAGES of Collective Online Producing
Team Work
The support of authors
First and foremost attention focus is a novice author and growth of his/her creative skills. Obviously, author's works also need the promotion, but they are the completed result of artist's activity.
The absence of caste group of experts that preliminary selects the authors and their works.
Everyone has the right to be heard and seen!
A real choice is being in demand of the broad audience.
Specialized unlimited Funds
Raised funds are aimed at promotion and author's mastery growth. Funds are not limited by costs and time needed to gather and solve the set problems.
Control and management
Raised funds are controlled by users who contributed. Those and supported authors have the same objective - the advancement of authors' mastery and, consequently, professional value of authors. The direct transference of money to authors is possible but is not obligatory
Individual risks reduction
With the increase in a number of participants in the producing process, the individual sum of each investment decreases what respectively decreases the sum of individual risk
More artists get more opportunities.
Quantitative growth of producers' number additionally involved in this market provides an opportunity to promote even more authors.
Do not lose your opportunity
Each author gets a producer!
Why we
We provide the best out of existing
Problem focus
The support is focused on the authors but not on the sale of works
We do not pre-moderate your Works. It is you who is responsible for compliance with all the existing rules and demands in your publications
Everyone is of great value
None of authors or works should fall off the edge of the Earth.
Quantity will turn into quality in case of such interplay
Uniqueness and exclusiveness
We are the first who offer the service of collective online producing.
ImeStar is an exclusive combination of crowdfunding support elements, producing, and online education. New combination and synergy of mentioned elements give unsurpassed results.
The simplest way to start
Step two
Upload your Works (video, audio, text) and choose the Category that corresponds to your creative work
Step three
Spread the information about the start of co-work with collective online producer and invite your friends
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A year later, I look at everything. I have accomplished so much with just my guitar and my passion. A departure from torture. I have made many many new friends, play in many great bands, and get to follow my not so crazy dream of being a musician. I have also learned how to be more kind, more patient, and to forgive.

Now, my life is great. For the first time I built this all myself. I am a happy single dude living out a fantasy and making a living doing it. To my friends who believed me, believed IN me..thank you. My message to you all is..if you are unhappy..change it. If you are in an abusive relationship..end it. If you feel the world crushing you..ask for help. If you need love, make it. I am a success thanks to those true friends of mine. I love you all so dearly.
Allan Combs II
Some of you keep asking God for signs concerning your current situation when in reality he's given you all of the signs you need. Some of you are choosing to stay in the predicament you're in because in your heart of hearts you don't really want things to change. You want to have a prosperous life and keep the vices that are killing you at the same time. That's not how it works baby. Unless you make a conscious decision to come out of where you are things will remain the same #GoodMorning
Gregory Devon Brown
I'm so proud of how far I've pushed myself, and I really can't wait to see how much farther I'll continue to go! Life is rad. I'm a mother of a great little kid, I'm about to marry the best life partner anyone can ask for, and I'm more fit than I've ever been before. I chose my future and I worked to get it. Yea, life is good...
Amanda Lawrence
I'm giving it my all,
But I'm not the girl you're taking home.
So I'll keep dancing on my own :)

I love my life right now :)
Ciatu Kromah
Hi everyone! Welcome to Rawle Turner! Heart and soul are the most important in songs. If you want to ensure, I'll show you. You will feel sincerity in my songs. I hope it will be pleasure for you to listen to my sinsing.
Rawle Turner II
Happy heart, ya know:)
Anna Fiedler
I'm a taurus I was born in FL I'm Haitian American
Music is hobby for me.
I hope you'll the songs that I'm singing and the way of theirs singing!!!
Sherlly Voiltaire
I bet you could do this
Archie Sowell (Archie Farchie)
My attempt at mixing acting and music :)
Chris LaRose
"Able to be"
David Uzochukwu
Everyone who signs up as ImeStar Author before 31th of May, 2019 and places his/her works will get an electronic book of Alex Zilberman How to Make a Viral Video as a gift