Do You Sell Your Own Experience Online?

we will help you do this right now!
The website of collective producing of the talented ones offers to open your own online school filled with materials and video lessons for all those who confide something to others and feel the need to share your own experience. We are in need of more than 19 educational categories.

Those who sign up as a teacher up to September 30th, 2017 will receive a present.
Are You A True Master?
A true master gets successfully involved with their effort.
What is more, they understand precisely the value and worth of the experience.
Despite the fact that the loss of individually gained experience is the total loss of, namely, peculiar skills for others or even for the whole humanity, the need to share this value is understood only by 25% of masters.
One of the basic peculiarities of the true master is sharing the own experience.

Be a true one!
ADVANTAGES of the online method:
Double effect
An additional channel of sale for your business or personal advancement that doesn`t require advertisement expenses but brings the profit itself
You may use other quite popular online media to get the advantages of online experience sharing method. When comparing such opportunities, there are some disadvantages we tried to solve.
Why choose us?
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier. One more reason is that we are small :) and, that is why agile (quick) and flexible.
Focusing on the problem
The most reliable factor in search of a proper school and opportunity to get the profit is experience sharing, but not the advertisement selling. Hello, YouTube :)
The absence of moderation and simple scheme of the electronic sale of subscriptions directly to users
You decide independently what should be included in your educational materials
You decide independently the prices for lessons and schools
We do not require payments from our teachers (mentors)
Synergy (multiplier)
Producer funds that aimed at training of its own beginners under guardianship will be additional subscribers (payers)
The simplest way to start
The second step
upload your materials (video, audio, or text), having chosen the category related to proper interests where you will circulate your knacks
The third step
fix the price for the subscription
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Helping singers, songwriters, recording artists, musicians & music professionals find their voice, build their brand and create successful careers in music.

There are a path and a system to becoming a successful singer, artist, songwriter, musician or professional in the music business – one that no one shows you. And over the past 30 years, we've gotten it down to a science. One that works. No matter if you are 20 or 40, a solo artist, band or a songwriter/artist (or a music producer or manager), each one of our programs handles a specific facet of the craft and industry that you absolutely need to know to build your music brand with style, power and impact. From vocal technique to artist development to branding and career development, our artists have won big (and small) awards, signed licensing deals, management & label deals and/or create their own successful brand and tripled their revenue without a label (not kidding.) Explore all of our signature offerings and choose the level + focus you need. Isn't it high time you become the most powerful singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist and leader in music you can? We're the secret weapon of thousands of successful and emerging artists. Now we can be yours.
Cari Cole
It's not like after all these years of life I'm gonna say "I wasted it being nice"... being nice made me happy regardless of the outcome.
And it's not like I've perfected the art... I could be a whole lot nicer to a lot more people (I'm practising with a set I really like first, haha).

I'm gonna keep at it... and hopefully doing the same thing over and over and over while expecting Different results actually works.

But perhaps I am the definition of insanity. So if you're young and still figuring things out, do yourself a favour go back to that first list and pick a few other things to nail down.
And if you go with Nice, just know my prayers are with you in your happy but frustrated life.

the pic with my camera by Anny
Scott Jarvie
Fighting for your passion - Inside Look at what I do for a living

I got where I am, why I do it, and what drives me. My goal with any of these videos is to inspire and remind people that you do not need to wait until it's all over, no regrets, seize the day.
Devin Graham
From beginners to experts, there's.
Something here for everyone.
Take your playing to the highest level with a premium membership.
Besides all the free guitar lessons, you'll also find plenty of music theory and tutorials and backing tracks to help you on your way to becoming a master guitarist.
Carl Brown
Master guitarist
Those who sign up as a Partner (mentor) of ImeStar and start their own online School before the May 31 th, 2018 will receive the e-book of Alex Zilberman titled "Sell Your Experience" as a present. Also, they will get an opportunity to withdraw funds without the commission